Asked • 04/12/19

Distinguishing extra element from two arrays?

One of my friend was asked this question in an interview - - You have given two integer arrays each of size 10. - Both contains 9 equal elements (say 1 to 9) - Only one element is different. How will you find the different element? What are different approaches you can take? > One simple but lengthy approach would be - sort both arrays,go on comparing each element,on false comparison, you'll get your result. So what are different approaches for this? Specify logic as its expected in an interview. Not expecting a particular code in a specific language. Pseudo code will suffice. (Please submit one approach per answer) > My purpose of asking this question is, its OK when array sizes are small.But when array size increases, you must think of a very efficient n faster way.Its never desirable to use comparisons in such case.

Patrick B.

i vote for sorting. Quicksort is efficient


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Tridip C. answered • 08/05/20

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