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List of possible Matchups of NFL teams

Please list all possible matchups of all 32 NFL teams. The list of teams is below. I know there should be 31 x 31 total possibilities, but that inclues repetition such as Patriots vs Bills and... more
Combinations Probability


Probability and Combinations

show that 1)5 ( n ) = n ( n - 1 ) 5 42) r ( n ) = n ( n - 1 ) r r - 13) 2 ( 2n -1 ) = ( 2n ) n-1 n*the bracket includes the... more
Combinations Statistics Permutation


Permutation and Combination Question

A bookshelf displays different types of books, 6 books in English (E) and 5 books in Spanish (S). If 4 books are chosen among the English language books and 3 are selected from the Spanish language... more
Combinations Math Prealgebra


Solve the combination

At a chinese buffet, there are five entree selections. If two entrees may be selected, how many ways may the plates be filled?
Combinations Math Computer Science


Possible Combinations

Hi! I have to figure out how many possible combinations there are with 3 objects (square, circle, triangle), 3 per row. Also, 4 objects, 3 per row. Can you help me understand how you find the... more


How Many Classes..

how many different course schedules can john have if he is taking 7 different classes and each class is offered every period? Assume there are 7 class periods in a day


Five cards are selected from a 52-card deck for a poker hand.

A royal flush is a hand that contains the A, K, Q, J, and 10, all in the same suit. What is the probability of being dealt a royal flush?
Combinations Permutations


Permutations HELP

 Rework problem 30 from the Chapter 2 review exercises in your text, involving basketballs with defective valves. For this problem, assume the bag contains 16 basketballs, 6 of which have defective... more
Combinations Probability Permutations


probability and permutations

The 10 letter tiles S A C D E E M I I and O are in a bag. What is the probability that the letters S A M E will be drawn from the bag in that order?
Combinations Gre Gre Exam


Combination problem with repetition. GRE Anagram Grid questions. Why do we divide?

If 7 people board an airport shuttle with only 3 available seats, how many different seating arrangement are possible? (Assume that 3 of the 7 will actually take the seats.) So I think the answer... more
Combinations Gre Gre Exam


Combination problem with repetition. GRE Anagram Grid questions. Why do we divide?

If 3 of 7 standby passengers are selected for a flight, how many different combinations of standby passengers can be selected? So the answer to do this I think is 7! / (4! * 3!) The standby... more


Statistics - Combos/Permutations

License plates in your state have 3 letters followed by 3 numbers. But in order to avoid confusion with the numbers,letters "I" and "o" are not used. How many different possible license plates can... more


Combinations [fundemental counting principal]?

> How many 3-digit integers can be chosen such that none of the digits > appear more than twice and none of the digits equal zero? I have approached the following problem like this. 1. We... more


Intuition behind combination problem?

I came across this question on a GRE practice exam. I'm trying to build intuition behind how to correctly approach these types of problems: A reading list for a humanities course consists of 10... more


How many different four letter code words can be formed using the letters A, B, C, and D?

The options are:    1. 16 2. 24 3. 64 4. 120 5. 204 6. 256 7. 308
Combinations Probability


Combination question!

a survey is to be conducted and three people are to be chosen from a group of twenty. if the group contains 8 men and 12 women, how many groups containing exactly one man are possible
Combinations Math Geometry Probability


Rearranging Words Without Replacement

Irving wants to rearrange the letters in turkey without replacement. How many ways can he rearrange them with 't' being first and 'u' being second? Please show work. Thanks :)

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