Asked • 04/03/19

What's the point of chords such as sus and 7th chords?

Every time I play major7th or minor7th it doesn't make me feel any different than the normal major or minor chord, so what's the point of such chords? What do these chord qualities accomplish that simpler chords do not? Is there a real difference?

Katherine S.

The Maj7 (for example C to B) will function very differently from Min7 (C to Bb). The 'point' is color, texture, 7th chords are extension of the triad. Maj 7 has a soothing sound verses Min 7 (think bluesy sounds). You may want to experiment with "voicings" the order in which you play the chord. That too can change the feel. Traditional triads are pleasing too and serve a different purpose depending on the song.


Norman R.

The voice leading of major and minor 7th chords adds another layer of harmonic interest. An A minor 7 chord followed by a D major chord can resolve the 7th degree of the 1st chord (G in A minor 7) to the 3rd degree of the D chord (F#) by moving down a half step. These little events add to the aesthetic appreciation of a chord progression.


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