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Units Of Measure Meters Length Height


can you use units of measurement as variables?

If you are looking for length which is the same as the width, however you are given a height and total volume, how would you calculate it? While doing this, could you use the unit of measurement... more


How much sand is in the pile?

A construction company wants to know how much sand is in a cone-shaped pile. The company measures that the (slanted) distance from the edge of the pile at the ground level to the very top of the... more
Units Of Measure Unit Conversion


Mpg to l/100km conversion, fuel economy problem?

We have two vehicles A:old truck that does 17 mpg (13.84l/100km) and B:old car that does 47 mpg (5.00l/100km) We are looking to replace one of these vehicles with a new one (of the same size) C:... more

Describe the steps you would use to solve this problem.

In a scale drawing of a dining room floor plan, 10 mm equals 2 meters. If the homeowners wanted to purchase flooring that costs $10.89 per square yard, how much would they spend on flooring for the... more
Units Of Measure


Determine units of a quantity in a formula

A city planner calculates the population density in planning development of a city. She finds that 50,959 people live in an area of 389 km squared. IN her calculation , she uses the formula for... more
Units Of Measure


the angle of parllex is found to be 1degree54miniuts if the diameter of the earth is about 1.276*10^7m estimate the distance of moon from earth.

question of physic. parllex meathod must be used.answer must be in meter.  
Units Of Measure


Help! Math Is Hard!

Lauren and Liam are driving cars. Lauren drives at 25mph and Liam at 20mph. They start and end at the same place. Lauren arrives 1 hour earlier. How far did they go?
Units Of Measure


Is the unit of measurement that is smaller say Cups more precise than Pints no matter what the numbers associated with each are?

Would 12 cups be a more precise measurement than 8 pints?   And if yes, is it because cups are a smaller unit of measurement than pints?  So the numbers associated (the 12 cups and the 8 pints)... more
Units Of Measure Elementary Math


Jonah’s house and his grandparents’ house are 8,046.72 meters apart. What is this distance in miles?

I think its 4, 5,7, or 8 miles. 
Units Of Measure


how to convert mol/cm3 to g/cm3

0.000001 mole per cm 3 to g per cm3

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