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Precipitation Reactions Chemistry


What are the products of the following reaction based on solubility rules?

LiI(aq) + Pb(NO3)2(aq) → ?
Precipitation Reactions


If you mix 200 ml of 1.0x10-4 M Ba(NO3)2 and 500ml of 8.0x10-2M H2SO4, what will be observed?

 For BaSO4, the Ksp=1.1x10-10
Precipitation Reactions Chemistry


Prediction precipitation

iron(II) iodide + cadmium acetate   sodium chloride + barium bromide   potassium hydroxide + iron(II) sulfate    when combined, do each of these form a precipitate? 
Precipitation Reactions Chemistry


Chemistry Question: Precipitation Reaction

Consider the following precipitation reaction: 2Na3PO4(aq)+3CuCl2(aq)→ Cu3(PO4)2(s)+6NaCl(aq)   What volume of 0.183 M Na3PO4 solution is necessary to completely react with 91.6 mL of 0.106 M... more


Name of solid produced by the reaction ammoniacal sliver nitrate with carbonyl compound

What is the name of the solid that is formed when ammoniacal silver nitrate reacts with a carbonyl compound?   need help please 


Lewis vs. Brønsted vs. Precipitation reaction

Is Ba2+(aq) + SO42-(aq) --> BaSO4(s) a Brønsted acid-base reaction and/or a Lewis acid-base reaction and why? I thought it was Lewis and not Brønsted but apparently that's wrong. Thanks!

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