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Stephen C.

asked • 11/13/14

Molarity of vinegar


I am trying to work out the molarity of a standard store bought vinegar.
i used 2g sodium hydroxide in 0.1M in 500ml.
10ml vinegar diluted with 90g water.
25 ml of vinegar solution used in tritration.
result was 20.3 ml

How do i work out the molarity of the vinegar from these results?

here are my equations so far, im not so sure im correct :/

Volume of NAOH aqueous = 20.3ml
Concentration of NAOH =   0.1 M
Volume of vinegar aqueous = 25ml

N(NAOH) = C(NAOH) x v(NAOH) = 0.1 x 20.3 = 2.03
C (Vinegar) = N(Vinegar) / V(Vinegar) = 2.03 / 25 = 0.08

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