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Silicon-based life?

My question may not be suitable here, because it's more of astrobiology. Life as we know it is carbon based. 1. Is life based on silicon possible?2. What would the conditions for habitability for... more

Amines and it's strengths

Comment on the relative base strengths of the different nitrogen containing compounds. Can you explain why phenyl amine has a lower base strength than the other compounds? (Define a base; this... more


Reactions of amines why butyl amine has a smell

Describe the smell of butyl amine. Can you explain why butyl amine has this smell?


Equations for carboxylic acid

Write an equation for the reaction of ethyl ethanoate with dilute acid, Write a separate equation for the reaction of ethyl ethanoate with dilute alkali. Which one is the preferred method of... more

skeletal equation of carboxylic reactions

Write a skeletal equation for the reaction of ethanoyl chloride with phenyl amine (represented as R-NH2). What is the chemical term for the bond formed between the two reagents? What term might... more


Reactions of Carboxylic acids

Compare the reactions of ethanoic acid and ethanoyl chloride with ethanol. Explain the differences in their reactions.

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