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U.s. History


What strategic and political factors led America to become an imperial power

U.s. History American History


What percent of all African-Americans in the United States in 1860 lived in the North?

A percentage please. There were a total of 31000000 people in 1860, and 4 and a half million were free (negros).

In what ways was World War 1 truly a "World War" considering that the majority of the fighting took places in Europe?

https://youtu.be/_XPZQ0LAlR4 Link to video that was provided but i still don't get it😭


American imperialism

To what extent do you think America was an imperialistic power


How did the Constitution "form a more perfect union"?

I need a one page essay on how the constitution formed a more perfect union but I dont know what to put.
U.s. History


how did Jim Crow lead the great migration

Question about Political parties

Describe the factors that have contributed to the overall weakening of political parties in America. How are parties weaker? How do they remain important? What are the advantages of a political... more
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What metaphor did Dr. King incorporate in his "I Have a Dream" speech in order to highlight America's responsibility for slavery?

In his "I Have a Dream" speech, Dr. King refers to inequality in America as a bad check and the Constitution/Decl.of Independence as a promissory note owed to all men - including African... more
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The eleven states that rebelled against the union were known as?

U.s. History


which option best describes single-member districts?

a. any political district in which voters elect only one candidate to fill a particular position.b. any political district in which voters elect representatives that can only serve single terms in... more
U.s. History


What group was directly responsible for the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001?

I don't understand this question. Could someone answer it for me? It's a sample question on my test.
U.s. History


Why is Duke Ellington considered to be apart of the Harlem Renaissance?

According to my teacher, Duke Ellington and theHarlem Renaissance will be apart of our test, and I am having trouble understanding how he fits into the Harlem Renaissance. Any help would be... more
U.s. History


Explain why the KKK gained so much political and social power in the 1920’s.

 kkk hate group 
U.s. History


Where people who did not follow the established church often persecuted

Where people who did not follow the established church often persecuted  
U.s. History


The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was established to make loans to banks, railroads, and industries.

For U.S. History class online. 
U.s. History


which cold war policy did U.S. military action in Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia hope to achieve?

 a) Brinkmanship B)Mutually assured destruction C)Containment D)Detente

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