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Ap Macroeconomics Economics Macroeconomics


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In this module, you have learned about monetary and fiscal policies. In a paragraph, define what fiscal policy is and explain how it works. Also, explain who is responsible for fiscal policy and... more
Ap Macroeconomics Economics Macroeconomics


AP Macro Question Pls Help!

In a paragraph, explain what the balance of payments is and how current account surpluses and deficits work and how they impact the balance of payments. Give an example illustrating a scenario... more


Ap Macro Question Pls Help!

Identify the type of unemployment that would be present if each of the following individuals was actively looking for work. Explain. Caroline lost her job when the mortgage company she worked for... more
Ap Macroeconomics Macroeconomics


An increase in which of the following is consistent with an outward shift of the production possibilities curve?

a. Exportsb. Aggregate demandc. Income tax ratesd. Long-run aggregate supplye. Transfer payments
Ap Macroeconomics Macroeconomics


A negative supply shock will

a. Shift the Phillips Curve to the leftb. Shift the money supply curve to the leftc. Shift the Phillips Curve to the rightd. Shift the investment demand curve to the righte. Shift the money demand... more


Hicksian IS LM framework and Conditions of Policy effectiveness

Consider closed economy described by IS-LM model:Consider closed economy described by IS-LM model:PE = Ca + MPC(Y - T) + I(r) + GAE = YM/P= L(Y,r)Case 1: Investment trap. Assume investments are nor... more
Ap Macroeconomics


Assume the surgeon general announces that drinking pomegranate juice will increase your chances of living longer.

What happens to the supply and demand?

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