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Find each of the following:

given the Function,   f(x) = 3sin(2x-pi/4)   find each of the following:    amplitude:  phase shift: period:   show any work.


Sinusoidal functions (phase shift)

A sine function has a maximum value of -5, a minimum value of -29, and consecutive minimum values when x= -π/5 and x= (4π)/15. Determine the phase shift

Trigonometric Functions

Identify the amplitude, period, phase shift and vertical shift (mean value over one period) of: f(x)=−5cos(4πx−12π)+3  (π is pi)
Phase Shift Math Chemistry Physics


Physics: Thermodynamics (ice)

If a 0.06247 kg ice cube initially at 0.00 C is allowed to melt in a Styrofoam cup holding 0.497 kg of water at 10.0 C , what is the total entropy change for this process?
Phase Shift


Phase shift

What would you say was the phase shift of sin(3x-7π)?
Phase Shift Math Trigonometry


how do you find phase shift of something when you are only given the data but no the graph?

the question says: determine the phase shift for your curve. remember that t=0 is midnight at the start of the first day, and that a cosine curve starts at the maximum value. it is not just the... more

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