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Algebra 2 Question


Find the slope of a line parallel to y = -2x + 3. Find the slope of a line that is perpendicular to y = 5x + 19.

im supposed to find the slope of a parallel line
Algebra 2 Question


chase wants to factor x^2+10x+25 by grouping

chase wants to factor x^2+10x+25 by grouping; however, Paige says it is a special product and can factor a different way. Using complete sentences, explain and demonstrate how both methods will... more
Algebra 2 Question Algebra 2


slope that runs through points (2,9) (6,-4)

what is the slope that runs through the points (2,9) & (6,-4) I can't understand it please help
Algebra 2 Question


Theapproximated by h(t)=-15t²+60t+10,0=t=10. Find the times when the Tee-shirt will reach a fan 55feet above ground level.

The height h(t), in feet, of an airborne tee-shirt t seconds after being launched can be approximated by h(t)= -15t^2+60t+10,0<t<(the symbol < has a line under it)10.  Find the times when... more
Algebra 2 Question Algebra 2 Rational Expressions


(FIRST PART ALREADY ANSWERED AND NEW PART ADDED) Why do you find the domain of both the numerator and denominator in a rational equation? When do you do it?

For example, if you had:   x-3 ------ 5x+3   you'd only find the domain and use the denominator. Why wouldn't you also do the numerator?    And then you'd use both the  numerator and the... more
Algebra 2 Question


Determine the domain, range and horizontal asymptote

Sorry, for the mistake in writing the question. I have never used this site before and more confused in this type of math. Thanks for any help.    what is the domain and range and horizontal... more
Algebra 2 Question Algebra 2 Algebra 2 Factoring


I am factoring quardratic trinomials. The problem I'm working with is the following: 12x2 + -46x + 42. How do I factor it?

I just need help factoring quadratic trinomials. Specifically 12x2 + -46x + 42.
Algebra 2 Question


x = y/(y^2 - 16), solve for y

solve equation for y
Algebra 2 Question


how do you solve -4(-4-3)-5 + 3

-4(-2squared -3) -5+ l-3l this is the original problem
Algebra 2 Question


identify the solutions to the equation x^(2)=4 when you solve by factoring

a. 2, -2 b. -2 c. 2 d. not factorable
Algebra 2 Question


expand (2x-5y)squared

a. 4xsquared-20xy+25ysquared b. 4xsquared+25ysquared c. 4xsquared-20xy-25ysquared d. 4xsquared-25ysquared
Algebra 2 Question


identify which matrix you would multiply both sides by to solve the system of equation above

|3 6|   |x|     |2|         x      = |2 7|    |y|    |3|       a. |1/3  1/6|     b. |1/2|    c. |7/9 -6/9|   d. |1/2 1/3|       |1/2 1/7|         |1/3|        |-2/9 3/9|  
Algebra 2 Question


identify the solution of the equation above

 identify the solution 2x+4=3(x-8)
Algebra 2 Question


find the ordered pair where the maximum value occurs for the equation .. below

c=12 x-4y given the following constraints y greater than or equal to 4 x greater than or equal to 1 x+2y less than or equal to 16 y-x less than or equal to 5
Algebra 2 Question


use cramer's rule to solve for y

x+4y-2z=3 x+3y+7z=1 2x+9y+z=8
Algebra 2 Question


considering these two equations below what does the y equal in the solution of system of equations

3x-y=1 y-x=-5
Algebra 2 Question


how to find the perimeter of a rectangular flower bed

A rectangular flower bed is 3n5o meters wide, and 5n5o meters long.  What is the perimeter of the flower bed? There are symbols on the n's & o's but I can't type them on my computer  
Algebra 2 Question Math Algebra 2


Algebra 2 problems help please

write (^9square root 16)^5 using radical notation Write 10 ^3/7 using radical notation Simplify (8x^3y^2)^-3 using positive exponent only List all possible roots of f(x)=x^3+4x^2+9x+36   List... more
Algebra 2 Question


can anyone help me??

f(x)=5x3-29x2+55x-28 find all the rational zeros of each function.
Algebra 2 Question Algebra 2


solve a/a+5=3/a+1

solving rational expressions  
Algebra 2 Question



find the vertices,foci,center,and graph the ellipse.Could you show steps in between.  
Algebra 2 Question Polymonials


h(x)=2x4th + 3x3rd

need to be able to graph the polynomial functions .  Have to identify x-intercept(s), y-intercept and describe the end behavior of the function    
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