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Do you have to sit at a table or desk to be able to study properly?

If you listen to music while you study, does that mean you won't remember anything? Do you have a hard time concentrating when you try to study the "right" way?


or and the distributive property to write 28+12 as a product?

Which expression uses the greatest common factor and the distributive property to write 28+12 as a product?10 points2(14+6)8(20+4)4(7+3)7(4+5)


fraction word problems

Greg finished his math assignment in 1/8 hours. Then he completed his history assignment in 2/3 hours. What was the total amount of time Greg spent doing these two assignments?


The cost and revenue functions of a company are given by the equation C(x)=30x+1000 and R(x)=70x-1000, respectively.

In these equations, x is the number of items produced and sold and C(x) and R(x) are in rands.   8.1 Determine the profit function P(x). 8.2 What is the break-even level? 8.3 Draw a neat plot... more
Add/adhd Elementary Math


What is the best way to teach a 4th grader with ADD multiplication tables? He struggles with his lack of attention so memorization isn't working.

The school couldn't help and I don't know where to start.  

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