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What is Miller and Modigliani theory on Dividend Policy?...

Modigliani- Miller Theory on Dividend Policy

What topics are important to analyse a financial product?

When reading analysis papers of financial product, derivative or stock, tangible or not, I noticed that a lot of those papers seem to have similar structures. This got me to the question if there... more

How does the Fama and French 3-factor model explain stock covariance?

Does it at all? If so, how?It is understood that size and value play a role in determining returns and there are proposed explanation those these, but what about covariance?

Where are bank loans in balance sheet?

I am looking at the balance sheet of Coca-Cola (https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/coke/financials/balance-sheet), but I cannot guess where loans with banks are. These liabilities accounts... more

Why do companies sit on cash while they have debt?

Why don't they use cash to pay down their debts?

What annual rate did the 1973 buyer earn on his purchase?

A coin that was featured in a famous novel sold at auction in 2014 for $3,450,000. The coin had a face value of $10 when it was issued in 1789 and had previously been sold for $395,000 in 1973.

What is the maximum price per share that Newman should pay for Grips if it has a required return of 13‚Äč% on investments with risk characteristics similar to tho

Newman manufacturing is considering a cash purchase of the stock of Grips Tool. During the year just completed, Grips earned $3.43 per share and paid cash dividends of $1.73 per share (D0=$1.73). ... more

Finance future/present value question

Somebody makes you the following offer-they will give you $500 per month, (at the end of each month), for the next five years if you pay them back $500 at the end of each month for the following... more


what is the value

Present Value & Multiple Cash Flows

What is the present value of $4000 per year, at a discount rate of 10%, if the first payment is received 8 years from now and the last payment is received 25 years from now?

Gen is interested in seeing how the money grows. Her mom suggests that she take the money in her piggy bank....

Gen is interested in seeing how the money grows. Her mom suggests that she takes the money in her piggy bank and deposits it in a local bank paying 8.5% compounded quarterly. IF she finds $700 in... more

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