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Manmohan returns jobs

Write an journal entry? Manmohan returns goods


just a simple clarifying question! Urgent!

If a trial balance on 30 April 2017 shows:                                  Debit ($) MAINTENANCE            2800     With the additional info that: The company is billed for maintenance... more


a loan from the bank and is due a sum of Rs 10000 as interest. The entery in the book will be

a loan from the bank and is due a sum of Rs 10000 as interest. The entery in the book will be  


Accounting question

Help in calculating admin fee if tenant do not have to pay 9% of pro rata share of all cam expenses.given: 100k cam20k admin exppro rata share 12%


Question based on accounting for shares.

In accounting for shares when application money is transferred to share capital a/c why is not share capital a/c debited as money is transferred to it(receiving)?
Accountancy Accounting


Advanced Financial Accounting Premium and Adjustment to Net Income Question

I need detailed help with steps on how to solve : On March 1st, Pimlico Corp (a US based company) , expects to order merchandise from a supplier in Sweden in 3 months. On March 1st, when spot rate... more


Advanced Financial Accounting Question Need Help Today

Gunther Co. established a subsidiary in Mexico on January 1, 2011. The subsidiary engaged in the following transactions during 2011:January 1 : Sold common stock to Gunther for 5,000,000 pesos .... more
Accountancy Accounting


Advanced Financial Accounting Question Need Help

Problem 1 : Westmore, Ltd. is a British subsidiary of a U.S. company. Westmore's functional currency is the pound sterling. The following exchange rates were in effect during 2011:Jan 1 : 1 pound... more

Segment Margin Cost Accounting Question Need Help

Hi, I need detailed help with steps, and how to solve with everything explained:   Hatch Company has two divisions, O and I. During the year just ended, Division O had segment margin of $9,000... more

Difficult Absorption Costing Question Managerial Accounting

I need detailed help with steps on how to solve : SmoothIt Inc is facing a problem with their 4th quarter absorption costing net operating income on December 23rd. The net operating income target... more

Absorption Costing Question Managerial Accounting

I need detailed help with steps on how to solve , and guidance as to where each number comes from :   In 2006 Voest's income under absorption costing was $15,000 higher than its income under... more

Accounting Budgeted Expenses Question Will Give Best Answer, Need Help Today

I need detailed help on how to solve, and where each number comes from to obtain correct answer of E)   Orange Corporation makes and sells a single product called the IPax. The demand for IPax... more

Cost Accounting Standard Hours Question Need Help

Hall Company's standards call for 900 direct labor hours to produce 500 units. During May 400 units were produced. The company worked 700 direct labor hours. The standard hours allowed for May's... more

Calculate Cash Disbursments Question Accounting

Answer was 200,156 but I need help with steps as to why :   Foxglove Company, a growing retailer, is preparing its budget for the first half of the year assuming the following for sales in each... more

fixed manufacturing overhead managerial accounting

I need detailed help with steps on this two-part problem, the answers were C) and B) respectively but I need assistance with steps as to why :   The Hawkins Company uses a standard costing system... more

Budgeted Purchases Managerial Accounting Question

I need detailed help with steps on how to solve this, and why answer was B) :   Prestwich Company has budgeted production for next month as follows :   Production In Units : 1st Quarter :... more

Accounting Net Income Question Need Assistance Will Give Best Answer

I need detailed help with steps on how to find answer, and reason why answer is what it is :   Carpon Lumber sells lumber and general building supplies to building contractors in a medium sized... more

desperately need help managerial accounting question, will give best rating immediately

The Raleigh Company is located in North Carolina and uses predetermined overhead rates to apply manufacturing overhead costs to jobs. The predetermined overhead rate is based on machine hours in... more

Relevant Range Question Accounting Need Help

A company's variable cost per unit is $2. It sold 20,000 units and earned $15,000 operating income after a total cost of $55,000. What would be the total operating income the company can earn at a... more

Net Operating Income Question Accounting Need Help

Mehmet Company sold 60,000 units and earned $40,000 operating income in the current month. Margin of safety in the current month was 20,000 units. The firm's marketing manager suggests that, if the... more

Total Budgeted Factory Overhead Question , Will Give Best Rating Immediately

The following data are budgeted for Culver Company : April : Sales Units : 12,000 Production Units : 15,000 May : Sales Units : 17,000 Production Units : 16,000 June : Sales Units : 15,000... more


Managerial Accounting Variance Question Need Help Today!!

Teana Corporation uses machine hours as its denominator activity for fixed manufacturing overhead. For the most recent year, the company showed the following data:At the beginning of the year... more


Job Order Costing Question Managerial Accounting

Lavender Corporation uses a job order costing system and applies manufacturing overhead using a predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor hours. The following data are available for August... more

Return On Investment Question Managerial Accounting Need Help

The Clipper Corporation had net operating income of $380,000 and average operating assets of $2,000,000. The corporation's minimum required return on new projects is 18%. The U.S. division of the... more

Average Operating Assets Calculation Question Accounting

Last year, our return on investment equaled 20% ; our residual income equaled $50,000, and our minimum required rate of return (cost of capital) was 12%. What were our average operating assets... more

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