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Having problems with the volume of a cube. V=s^3 where s is the length of a side.

It states to find the length of a side of a cube (rounding the answer to three decimal places) showing the steps of the problem; if the volume is

a) 800 cm3

b) 500 cm3

How did you get to the answer of the length of 800 cm and 500 cm3

Am trying to figure out how you got your answers

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In this problem you have to work backwards.  You start with the Volume and you take the cube route to find the side length.

A) 800 = s^3 so you take the cube route of both sides and that yields 9.283 cm = s.

B) 500 = s^3 so take the cube route of both sides and the yields 7.937 cm = s.