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Tyler C.

asked • 08/20/12

Solve for (x+y)^3

Please show me work of how to solve this problem. I've been beating myself up! Thanks.

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Tyler C.

Thank you, Kristin! How did you make exponents on the computer? I couldn't figure that out.



Adam B.

Use Microsoft Word and hold the control, shift, and equals key for superscript. Hold   the control and equal key only for subscript.



Cathy T.

If that's the case, shouldn't you get the original expression- (x+3)^3- as your answer after you factored your answer -x3 + 3x2y+ 3xy2 + y3? 


Lily W.

"Tyler C." Here's a good tip to make exponents click ⌘+control+space. It will pop up emojis. On the upper right-hand corner, u'll see something that has the ⌘ icon. Click that. It will pull up the character viewer. Click the section that says "digits - all". {If u can't find "digits - all", you can click the settings icon on the left corner of the character viewer page and then click "custom list". You can find "digits - all" on that list} Anyway when u get to "digits - all", scroll down until you see tiny numbers. { ⁰ ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ₁ ₂ ₃ ₄} these are a few examples I picked out. These are subscripts and superscripts. When u click on the superscript u want, you can actually click the button that says "add to favorites". When u do this, you can click on the ⌘ icon again on the upper right-hand corner and go back to the emojis. Your "favorites" will be listed. This way, you can easily get to your "exponents" without having to go through all that trouble. Hope this helps!!


Adam B. answered • 08/23/12

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