Ju O.

asked • 11d

need help with chem pH question please

A)Determine the pH and percent dissociation of a 0.183M propionic (CH3CH2COOH) acid solution. Begin by writing the balanced chemical equation.


B) A portion of the above propionic acid solution was diluted 10 fold. Determine the pH and percent dissociation of the dilute solution. Comment on any differences as compared to the solution of higher concentration.


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Ju O.

I did the first question but i'm not sure the actual answer is correct as I was not given a Ka. When I searched for a Ka. I got 1.3 x 10^-5. so I got a ph of 2.37 and a % dissociation of .84%. I have also written the equation. Since part b is mainly where the trouble is, would everything be divided by 10 since it is diluted 10 fold


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