Mark P.

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I really need help on this part please :(

5. A student prepared bromobenzene in the Organic lab by reacting 10.0 g of benzene, C6H6, with bromine in the presence of a ferric bromide catalyst according to the reaction of

C6H6 (l) + Br2 (l) ––––––> C6H5Br (l) + HBr (g) FeBr3

If the student obtained 12.9 g of bromobenzene, what was the percent yield?

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Mark P.

Thank you so much! this is such a big help for me! I am having slight confusions about my computations earlier, glad you clarified things for me!!! I appreciate this a lot!!! :)


J.R. S.

Glad I could help. Good luck.


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