Ashton F.

asked • 09/13/22

Mass Balance Diagram

I have a mass balance diagram where you're mixing sulfuric acid(40% concentrate) with sulfuric acid(90% concentrate) and it needs to be 250 lbm sulfuric acid with 98% concentrate. How do I do the equation to figure out the amount of strong and weak sulfuric acid I need?

William W.

Double check your question - you can't mix 40% with 90% and get 98% unless you boiled off the water or something


Ashton F.

Here is the actual question: Given : Two sulfuric acid solutions are mixed together. The strong sulfuric acid solution is 98 percent concentrate and the weak sulfuric acid solution is 40 percent concentrate. There are unlimited amounts of both solutions. The output stream needs to be 250 lbm of sulfuric acid that is 90 percent concentrate. Find: Determine the amount of strong and weak sulfuric acid solutions required (in lbm) to create the needed output stream. Assumptions: Batch process. Steady-state (no accumulation in system). Conservative substances (no reactions).


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