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A cube has how many corners

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Well, as is evident from the question I posted here a few days ago, I'm no math wiz, to say the least. I didn't even have algerbra in High school so, I can't articulate my thoughts in Math Jargon...At any rate, Ill give it shot. I percieve a cube as being comprised of 6 squares joined at each square's respective corners, that being 4 per square. So, with that in mind I suggest that a cube has a total of 24 corners.

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Answer: 8 Corners

   Try to picture a cube sitting in front of you and count the points on top, 4. The same is true for the side laying flat on the table. A total of 8 corners.

Harry D. | MathematicalMarvelMathematicalMarvel
What is CUBE? It is merely an infinite amount of squares sitting on top of each square.
How many corners are there before you pile them?
only 4
How many when you FINISH??
the 4 on the last one piled( the TOP)
how many corners does top have?
only 4
add them.....
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Starting from what U just said -- as U join the 6 squares at their corners -- no more than 3 square corners can join to form a cube's corner.

Thus the 24 square corners join 3 at a time to make up only a third as many cube corners -- exactly 8 cube corners.

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A cube has 8 vertices (corners, points), 12 edges (line segments), and 6 faces (planes).  One formula that works for any solid with flat sides and no holes is vertices+faces-edges=2.

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For me, I like to picture the cube as two squares with arms connecting them.  I count up the corners on one square and multiply that by two.  Since there are four corners on one square the equation you get is 4*2=8.  So, your answer is 8.