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(Sec theata+ Csc theata)(cos theata+ sin theata)

you have to use the identities an. It's trig 

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(Sec x + Csc x)(cos x+ sinx) ..... I used x instead of theata

= [1/cos x + 1/sinx] (cosx +sinx)

= [(sinx+ cosx)/cosxsinx]/ (cosx+sinx)

= 1/cosxsinx

=(1/cosx)x(1/sinx)= Secx Cosecx  

Now you can replace theata for x.


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The first step is to FOIL the equation, i.e. (a + b) (c + d) = ac + ad + bc + bd.

Once you do that, I would suggest you look at the relationship between sin & csc and cos & sec, which should simplify some of those 4 terms.

With that done, you should have some fractions left, so I would try creating a common denominator and seeing if any thing reduces further using the sin^2 + cos*2 = 1 identity.

If any of these suggestions does not make sense, please feel free to email me or ask a follow-up questions.  John