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Can someone please check-over my answers to these Chemistry problems?

For the following questions, use the information given below.

Units of Pressure
  Atmosphere (atm)   Kilopascals (kPa)     Millimeters of Mercury (mm Hg)     Torr (torr)   
1.000 atm 101.3 kPa 760.0 mm Hg 760.0 torr

A container has 8360.0 torr of Nitrogen, 5.000 atm of Oxygen, 101.3 kPa of Argon, and 760.0 mm Hg of Carbon Dioxide.

1. What is the total pressure in the container (in atm)?

A. 8.000 atm

B. 12.00 atm

C. 15.00 atm

D. 18.00 atm

E. None of the Above

 2. What is the mole fraction of Nitrogen?

A. 0.0568

B. 0.1673

C. 0.6675

D. 0.6111

E. 0.7333

 3. What is the mole fraction of Carbon Dioxide?

A. 0.0556

B. 0.0670

C. 0.2567

D. 0.6676

E. 0.7572


4. What is the mole fraction of Oxygen?

A. 0.1673

B. 0.2670

C. 0.2778

D. 0.4675

E. 0.5782

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