Jesset C.

asked • 07/18/21

Can someone please check-over my answers to these Chemistry questions?

 The unit of pressure that represents the force exerted by the atmosphere at sea level is _______.

A. 101.3 kPa

B. 1.000 atm

C. 760.0 torr

D. 760.0 mm Hg

E. All of the Above


2. The units designated as Pa are named after _______.

A. Pasteur

B. Pauling

C. Pascal

D. Payen

E. Pauli


3. Following a known trend in the data beyond the range of that data is called _______.

A. concatenation

B. interpolation

C. intercalcation

D. incorporation

E. extrapolation


4. _______ states that at constant pressure, the temperature and volume of a gas are linearly proportional.

A. Boyle’s Law

B. Charles’s Law

C. The Combined Gas Law

D. The Ideal Gas Law

E. None of the Above

 5. The law defined by the equation PV = nRT is _______.

A. Boyle’s Law

B. Charles’s Law

C. the Combined Gas Law

D. the Ideal Gas Law

E. None of the Above

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