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Solve the equation

Solve the equation S/R + 5 = T/R for R in terms of S and T.


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Original Equation:                     S/R + 5 = T/R

Currently, R only appears in the denominators of the two fractions.  In order to solve for R, you'll need to move R up so it no longer appears as a denominator.  To do this multiply both sides of the equation by R.

Mult. both sides by R:            R(S/R + 5) = R(T/R)

Distribute the R on the left:  R(S/R) + 5R = R(T/R)

Simplify:                                    S + 5R = T

From here, subtract S from both sides and continue solving for R by isolating the R on the left.

Kevin S. |
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Multiply each term by R to clear the R from the denominator, then solve for R.