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Given:     In ⊙Q, PR contains Q, MR is a tangent, mMP = 116°, mMN = 60° and mMT = 46°.Find the following in degrees.

Consider the following figure.

A circle has center point Q. There are six points, three line segments, and two angles.

  1. Five points lie on the circle:
  2. M is on the top right; 
  3. N is on the top left; 
  4. P is on the left, just below center; 
  5. V is on the right, just above center; and 
  6. T is on the upper right, between M and V.
  7. Point R lies outside the circle, on the right.
  8. Segment P R passes through center Q and intersects the circle at V.
  9. Segment N R intersects the circle at T.
  10. Segment M R is tangent to the circle at M.
  11. M R N is labeled 1, and ∠P R N is labeled 2.

Given:     In ⊙QPR contains QMR is a tangent, mMP$\frown{\hspace{25px}}$ = 116°, mMN$\frown{\hspace{25px}}$ = 60° and mMT$\frown{\hspace{25px}}$ = 46°.

Find the following in degrees.

(a) m∠MRP


(b) m∠1


(c) m∠2

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