Alex P.

asked • 02/27/21

The minute hand is 12 feet long. How far does the tip of the minute sweep between 9:00 and 9:50?

This is for trig/advanced math

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Yefim S. answered • 02/27/21

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Miliam E.

Hello Yerfim! I do not doubt that you are correct, but can you please tell me what was wrong in my calculations? I said that the radius of the clock was 12 feet due to the pointer being twelve, I then calculated the circumfrence, then I divided it by 720 (the amount of minutes in twelve hours) and multiplied by 50 to get the distance covered in fifty minutes, but I got 5.23 feet. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Miliam


Miliam E.

I realized where I was wrong, I assumed a clock hade 720 minutes, but it is just 60 minutes, so I had a twelfth of the answer :)


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