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Jeslyn H.

asked • 6d

A person's systolic blood pressure,

which is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), depends on a person's age, in years. The equation: P = 0.004 y 2 − 0.02 y + 118 gives a person's blood pressure, P , at age y years

B.) If a person's systolic pressure is 123.6 mm Hg, what is their age (rounded to the nearest whole year)?

Liz Z.

40. The fastest way to solve this problem is to graph it. Graph the function P, and graph y=123.6. Your calculator (or can find the point where they intersect. Where the pressure = 123.6, x=40. Since y is the independent variable (usually x) in this function, x=40 is the number of years at P=123.6. Otherwise, if you need to solve without graphing, set the function P equal to 123.6, and solve for years. The quadratic formula would work. I hope this helps, and have fun mathing! LizZ.


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