Gabrielle T.

asked • 10/28/20

limiting reagent (pls show work)

Given the following reaction: (Balance the equation first!)

A) C 3 H 8 + __O 2  __CO 2 + __H 2 O

b) If you start with 14.8 g of C 3 H 8 and 3.44 g of O 2 ,

determine the limiting reagent with respect to CO 2

c) determine the number of moles of CO 2 produced

using 14.8 g of C 3 H 8

d) determine the number of grams of H 2 O produced

using 3.44 g of O 2

e) What is the % yield if you have 1.22 g CO 2 produced

in the lab?

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