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asked • 10/20/20

Introduction to Computer Networks and Security


As a User Consultant in the School of Computing, Information & Mathematical Sciences, your job requires you to prepare technical reports. The Head of School requires you to prepare technical reports for two pending projects so that it can be forwarded for approval. The report should include the following information:

  1. technicalities
  2. hardware specifications
  3. warranty
  4. backup service by the vendor
  5. setup and labor cost
  6. comparison of buying and involving the vendor (cost) and doing it yourself
  7. price analysis with other vendors (you can use online or local prices)
  8. software requirements
  9. security requirements
  10. access level

The report should highlight the best vendor, with backup service, cost analysis, duration of project (start and end date), product specification and comparison (local and overseas market price). Your aim is to convince the board of your feasibility studies before the actual projects are undertaken.

Project 1:

The computer labs in your department has an outdated surveillance setup. The surveillance system needs to be upgraded with a new setup. Consult the vendors that can provide such a setup and provide all the details in your report. The requirements are provided above as to which you need to concentrate on when compiling your write-up. There a number of logistics not stated in the requirements that you need to investigate and include. This question is about the physical security of your lab setup which is also an important aspect.

Project 2:

The initial lab setup made in assignment 1 as submitted by your group, did not indicate the security measures you will take as a network specialist. SCIMS labs can be studied as an example. For research purpose, ITS personnel can be interviewed at your discretion. Report should include:

usage of sites that are not educational. (How to take necessary security measures?)

  1. installation of anti-virus (malware attacks?)
  2. licensing of software
  3. incoming and outgoing traffic (How to monitor and take necessary action?)
  4. when students’ login, how is their credentials monitored? Verification process?
  5. students save their work, how is this taken care of?
  6. dos and don’ts on the client workstation.
  7. all kinds of licensing
  8. students connecting unauthorized devices to the network (wired and wireless, assuming both services are available)
  9. user profiles and domains
  10. student printer setup
  11. disaster recovery plans
  12. information protection
  13. unauthorized users
  14. hacking and hackers

This report will convince the board on the security measures taken at user and admin level. Costing needs to be worked out as well where necessary. More details of the requirements where in doubt will be discussed during lecture. Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator for any further clarification. All work should be acknowledged in the bibliography section.

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