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questionnaire on 'is our country being lead the way it has to be'?

this is a question asked by my indian frnd 
about the politics of india n the way it is being lead
 pls tell me fast
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2 Answers

We live in a country that is founded on and promotes the principles of "Liberty and Justice for All." Therefore, our country must be led in the direction that protects every person's freedom to live in a just society.
Does our country protect and promote every person's freedom? Do our elected leaders follow the intent of the Constitution and make laws that are just and beneficial to all people? And your question: "Is our country being led the way it has to be?" 
To ensure "liberty and justice for all" in a country that "We the People..." leads is an ideal that American History has proven difficult to attain time and again:
The Institution of Slavery, Native American Wars ending in forced life on Reservations, Immigrant discrimination against many ethnic and religious groups, Laborer Abuse, Japanese Internment (Prison) Camps, Civil Rights Movement, Hate Crimes, School Killings, and the list goes on and on.
I'm going to be bold and answer your question directly, "No, our country is not being led the way it has to be in order to be a country 'by the people and for the people', with liberty and justice for all!"  
That is why we must all be active in our people run government by reading, learning and voting for leaders who will help build a society of liberty and justice for all people who call themselves "American".
If you could provide more information in regards to "where it should be lead," it would help to best answer this question; otherwise there isn't really enough information here to get a definitive answer. Any answer given would be a matter of personal opinion.