Lexi B.

asked • 09/11/20

please help! 3 circle venn diagram - assignment due at 10pm and im stuck:/

this is the question:

Of the cars sold at Murray’s Motors during the month of July,

  1. 90 had heated seats
  2. 100 had GPS
  3. 75 had satellite radio
  4. 5 had all three of these extras
  5. 20 had none of these extras
  6. 20 had only heated seats
  7. 60 had only GPS
  8. 30 had only satellite radio
  9. 10 had both GPS and satellite radio
  10. How many cars had both satellite radio and heated seats?
  11. How many had both GPS and heated seats?
  12. How many had neither satellite radio nor GPS?
  13. How many had GPS or heated seats or both?
  14. How many cars were sold in July?

i need to draw a venn diagram of this and show the work i did. i am so confused on how to do this please help

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