Zoe P.

asked • 09/11/20

8 stoichiometry questions

1) Sulfur burns in excess air to form sulfur dioxide according to the equation: S(s)+O2(g)-> SO2(g)

What volume of sulfur dioxide is produced (at room temperature and pressure) from 24g of sulfur.

2) Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, decomposes according to the equation:

2H2O2(l)-> 2H2O(l)+O2(g)

calculate the volume of oxygen, measured at room conditions, that can be obtained from the decomposition of 17g of hydrogen peroxide

3) a) Find mass of copper with equation 2Cu0(s)+C(s)->2Cu(s)+CO2(g) given 80g of CuO

b) Find Volume of carbon dioxide given the same equation as (a) and given the same amount as (a)

c) Find Mass of zinc sulfide

d) find mass of zinc oxide

solve c) and d) using the equation 2ZnS(s)+302(g)->2ZnO(s)+2SO2(g) given 12dm3 of SO2

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