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Maya D.

asked • 08/13/20

statistics question

The Student's t distribution table gives critical values for the Student's t distribution. Use an appropriate d.f. as the row header. For a right-tailed test, the column header is the value of α found in the one-tail area row. For a left-tailed test, the column header is the value of α found in the one-tail area row, but you must change the sign of the critical value t to −t. For a two-tailed test, the column header is the value of α from the two-tail area row. The critical values are the ±t values shown.

A random sample of 51 adult coyotes in a region of northern Minnesota showed the average age to be x = 2.05 years, with sample standard deviation s = 0.75 years. However, it is thought that the overall population mean age of coyotes is μ = 1.75. Do the sample data indicate that coyotes in this region of northern Minnesota tend to live longer than the average of 1.75 years? Use α = 0.01. Solve the problem using the critical region method of testing (i.e., traditional method). (Round your answers to three decimal places.)

test statistic =
critical value =

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