Julie K.

asked • 02/04/15

how to find the minimum and maximum value of 4(x-2)/(4x^2 +9)

how to find the minimum and maximum value of y = 4(x-2)/(4x2 +9)

2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Julie K.

Hi - your answer is wrong I think  you multiplied 8x8 instead of 8x
it should be -16x^2 +64x +36  NOT -16x^2 +100
And the denominator should also be squared.  Although it makes no difference in the answer.
I got that far by myself!
Then I set that to zero - but come up with x= 2 + or - square root of 7/4 and get weird values for y to give the min and max
And they are wrong!  


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