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Meghan E.

asked • 04/17/20

How to find the direction of a longshore current when given the direction in which waves strike the beach and the directions the beach runs to/from?

Brought to you by my science teacher who didn't teach us about longshore currents, let alone how to calculate the direction of them from this information. The exact question is "When waves from the southwest strike a beach that runs east and west, the direction of the longshore current is likely to be toward the _____". I realize this violates the 'academic honesty' but I am completely clueless and frustrated that I was told to fill out the notes myself instead of the guy emailing me his copy of the notes. I cannot figure out how to calculate it from google and I am becoming increasingly worried my grade is going to plummet as a result of my teacher being inadequate at his job. Thank you for your time.


We did not cover the law of reflection.

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