Joshua L.

asked • 4d

Exponential writing assignment

Lex "JC" Luthor is tired of his long-time fiend Superman. JC has decided that he is going to take him out with kryptonite, so JC has been using his money to grow the awesome green material JC knows that to destroy Superman he will need to have at least 300 tons of kryptonite . He started with 50 tons of kryptonite, and it is growing at a continuous rate. He knows that in 3 weeks, he will have 100 tons of kryptonite

1-What is the growth rate (round to 3 decimals)?

2-How long will JC have to wait until he has enough to take out Superman (round to 3 decimals)?

Write about the key features (domain, range, growth/decay, y-intercept, end behavior, asymptotes, and increasing/decreasing behavior) and how you found them and or came this conclusion

Don't forget to answer the two questions and how you calculated those answers

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William W. answered • 4d

Math and science made easy - learn from a retired engineer

Joshua L.

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