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Farheen F.

asked • 01/22/15

is this a good essay, describing mechanisms of disease and the body systems (circulatory, digestive, respiratory, excretory, nervous, and endocrine)??

Body systems- circulatory, digestive, respiratory, excretory, nervous, and endocrine- work together in order to maintain homeostasis in our body. Circulatory system works with all other body systems. Because it delivers blood to all of the body parts, it can help other body systems to do their jobs.
Circulatory system helps other body systems. For example: Respiratory system takes in oxygen, which diffuses into blood, and is carried to other body parts by circulatory system. Digestive system breaks down the food and the nutrients are diffused into blood. Which, then, are carried to the body parts where they are needed. Excretory system excretes all the waste from the body. Which is brought by blood- circulatory system- to the kidneys, where it is filtered. And then it is excreted from the body. Endocrine system have ductless glands. Which means they release the hormones directly into the blood. Which then spread to our body by circulatory system and maintain homeostasis. Nervous system controls voluntary and involuntary actions and is also responsible for the coordination and balance of our body. The impulses are brought to the brain by blood and the messages or commands are brought back to the effector by blood- circulatory system.
Even though our body systems work together to maintain homeostasis and keep our body healthy. Unfortunately, we can develop different diseases of different body systems. Diseases are mostly developed by viruses, and bacteria. Which get in our body and start spreading and making abnormal cells. The diseases can be fatal, life-long, or we can recover fully, mostly, by taking the medicines, avoiding risk factors, and eating a healthy diet. Vaccinations are also required for most of the viral diseases. Vaccination is a dead or weakened virus. For which our immune system makes antibodies and memory cells- in case you develop that disease- the immune system fights the pathogens. And antibiotics are prescribed for most of the bacterial infections.
If we develop disease in one of our body system, rest of the body systems are also disturbed, and they can’t function properly. So it’s important to take care of our body, from outside and inside to keep our body healthy and to life a good long life.
can you edit or make it better please...!!!

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Fallon H. answered • 12/10/15

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