Tony L.

asked • 10/03/19

Creating the New Logo

RidanCo has decided to use a 12-pointed star that is 100 units tall as its new logo. Using the Spider Tool, create a drawing of the new logo below.

7. Use the Spider Tool located on page 1 of this activity to draw a 12-pointed star for the new logo. (Hint: If the spider rotates 360 degrees — or 720 degrees or 1080 degrees — she will be facing in the same direction in which she started. When the spider is done drawing, you want her to be facing in the same direction in which she started. She'll be making 12 rotations, all the same size, so each rotation must be some multiple of 360/12 = 30 degrees.) Experiment with the Spider Tool to find the correct number of degrees to create a 12-pointed star, and then sketch your logo in the space below.

Mark M.

We do not have he "Spider Tool."


Ari W.

Tony L. it's not clear what you're asking, and Mark M. is correct that there is no such tool as a Spider tool in Illustrator or other apps that enable you to draw geometrically precise shapes. Illustrator does have a Polar Grid tool that can create something like a spider web. Let us know if we can be of further help!


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