Tasha P.

asked • 07/21/19

Calculating Entropy Change When Burning A Substance

Calculate the entropy change from burning 65.9 g of graphite to produce gaseous carbon dioxide, using the values in the table below.

Substance S0 / J K-1 mol-1
C(graphite) 5.74
O2(g) 205.15
CO2(g) 213.79

The only equation I know is Delta S = the sum of S products - the sum of S reactants. But I don't know what to do with the 65.9g of graphite.

1 Expert Answer


Tasha P.

@J.R. S. Oh my gosh, this entire time I've been trying to divide it by the number of moles instead of times. I appreciate the clarity! Thank you a million times!


J.R. S.

LOL. No problem. You’re welcome.


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