Asked • 06/27/19

Is it possible to synthesize chiral version of an organism (incompatible with our pathogens)?

In theory, it should be possible to synthesize chiral (mirror image) version of some organism: with all molecules replaced with their enantiomers, e.g. L-sugars in place of our D-sugars.Direct application of such chiral life could be production of enantiomers of proteins in e.g. chiral E. Coli, what might be useful for example as new drugs.However, the most interesting is that such chiral life would be incompatible with our pathogens, for example allowing to design really sterile ecosystems for harsh environments like Mars. Finally, such chiral human would be immune to most of our diseases.Nice article: question is if it is technologically possible to synthesize e.g. a chiral version of E. Coli?

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Stephen P. answered • 09/03/19

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Dr. Stephen J., Duke Bio BS & Washington Univ. PhD in Cell Bio

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