Asked • 05/01/19

Cat- and dog-lovers in Modern Greek

Hello, Today's word at is **ailurophile**: >MEANING: >noun: One who loves cats. >ETYMOLOGY: >From Greek ailuro- (cat) + -phile (lover). More common, of course, is "cat lover." What about in modern Greek? Google translate says "γάτα εραστής." I get only a few hundred hits when I phrase-search with that term. Is there a more common, equivalent expression? Re: dogs... My mother uses the word "σκύλομανία" (somewhat pejoratively) to characterize present-day U.S. attitudes towards dogs. Are there pejorative modern Greek terms for animal lovers? something equivalent to ["cat lady"]( or "dog crazy"? Thanks!

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Maria K. answered • 10/20/20

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