Asked • 04/14/19

Usage of なんて and なんか as emphasis?

When are なんて and なんか used as emphasis in casual speech? Are they used when you're surprised, angry or can it be both? What sort of feeling does it convey to the listener compared to a normal sentence without it. For example, in the following 3 sentences I'm not entirely sure what the "なんて” and ”なんか” are expressing. >こんな[所]{ところ}におばけなんていねーよ。 >There are no ghosts in a place like this. >[彼女]{かのじょ}が[結婚]{けっこん}したなんてちっとも[知]{し}らなかった。 >I had no idea she got married. >[私]{わたし}なんか3[枚]{まい}のレポートも[書]{か}けない。 >I cannot even write a 3 page report.

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James W. answered • 04/17/19

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