Asked • 04/09/19

Mostly Arabic text with some English?

I was asked to help proofread an Arabic language (right-to-left) flyer with some English (left-to-right) text:Right now it reads:**بطاقة المساعدة الغذائية مقبولة من Local Farm Market** اسواق المزارعين هو مكان رائع لشراء الأطعمة المحلية ولرؤية مجتمعك يجب على الجميع ان يكون لديهم مفتاح لطعام محلي طازج للجميع بزيادة Local Farm Market الان يقبلون ببطاقة الطعام الوصول إلى طعام محلي, صحي وطازج اختبر السوق بنفسك!‏I note that there is a difference between different rtl languages in terms of the different cultures and accepted norms in each. For example, in Hebrew, standard practice is to use a question mark facing the same way as in English. In Arabic, however, standard practice is to reverse the question mark's orientation.First, I'm thinking that the second bolded line needs to be rearranged so that the English text is on the left. Is my instinct correct in that? Is that the most natural placement?Second, in the main body of the flyer, I'm unsure if the placement of the English text (the name of the market) belongs after (=to the left of) the verbal phrase as it is currently, or before (=the right of) it.As to the second issue above, I know that a subject can follow a verb in Arabic; I'm asking for the most natural composition for the reader.

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Zia H. answered • 01/03/20

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