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6 Answered Questions for the topic Borrowing

Borrowing Italian Verbs


Io facebucco', 'Tu facebucchi', 'Egli facebucca', and so on?

In un articolo di Michele Serra, noto per la rubrica 'L'Amaca', leggo:> ... se non *twitto* e non *facebucco* è perché mi pare di disturbare ...Credo che 'io twitto, tu twitti, ...' sia ormai... more
Borrowing Arabic Grammar


How are foreign terms incorporated into the Arabic system of vowel alternation?

I don't know much at all about the specifics of Arabic grammar, so this question might not make sense, but as I understand it, most Arabic words consist of a three-consonant root with vowels... more
Borrowing Arabic Persian


Is it possible to move from non-concatenative to concatenative morphology?

I've been wondering whether it is possible for a language to move from non-concatenative (root-and-pattern, Arabic-style) morphology to concatenative type known from the Indo-European languages? If... more
Borrowing English Arabic


Is the similarity between the Arabic word Gayyid and the English word Good due to a borrowing?

Why is the Arabic word **جید** (**jayyid**) which is pronounced **gayyid** in Egypt and means *good*, so similar to the word **good** or the German word **gut**? Is it a borrowing? (since the word... more
Borrowing Arabic Persian


Arabic and Persian loans in Turkish?

Both Persian and Turkish - as have other "islamic" languages - have a great deal of Arabic vocabulary. Due to an (initially) favourable vowel inventory (and maybe due to the same script being used)... more
Borrowing Arabic Turkish


Mutual lexical borrowings between Arabic, Persian and Turkish: a reference request?

As an occasional learner of these languages, I find the linguistic situation of Arabic, Persian and Turkish very interesting: they are three genetically unrelated languages (if you stick to... more

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