Asked • 03/19/19

How to say "also" or "too"?

The sentence "I also ate in Tokyo" can mean three different things: >*(Aside from my friends who ate there), I also ate in Tokyo.* >*(Aside from the other places where I tried local cuisines), I also ate in Tokyo.* >*(Aside from shopping and other activities), I also ate in Tokyo.* How do you distinguish these sentences in Japanese, without, of course, literally translating the phase inside the parentheses? If my rusty Japanese is correct, the first two sentences may be expressed as >私も東京に食べた。 私は東京も食べた。 I have no idea how to express the third. If a direct object is specified, I suppose mo may also be used, e.g, >私は中華料理も東京に食べた。 In general, what are the ways to express "also" in Japanese when "also" pertains to a noun (which can be the object, direct object, etc), verb, adjective and other parts of a sentence?

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Rie T. answered • 03/26/19

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