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Sydney V.

asked • 03/17/19

If 1000. g of calcium carbonate reacts with 750. g of hydrochloric acid, what is the theoretical yield of calcium chloride according to this reaction?

____CaCO3 + _____HCl ---> _____CaCl2 + _____H2O + _____CO2

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Catherine G. answered • 03/17/19

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J.R. S.

750. g has only tgree sig figs.


Catherine G.

Yes, but 750. Is not used in the calculation that determined the yield.


Catherine G.

So according to the text, "General Chemistry" by Hill, et al. , "In multiplication and division, the reported result should have no more significant figures than the factor with the fewest significant figures." I have found nothing to contradict this. When looking at the multiplication line for the 1000. g answer, all the significant figures were 4 and greater, 1000. is 4, 100.09 is 5, 100.98 is 5. Therefore the accuracy of the answer is acceptable to four digits.


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