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(30 x -7) yz -14 3 xyz 5+a

I need to simplify the follow expression

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2 Answers problem: (30 x -7)yz -14 3 xyz 5+a is a bit confusing, in that the way its written shows some spaces which shouldn't be there or spaces where there should be either a (+) or (-) sign. Looking at the way you wrote it (30 x -7)yz so is it yz(30x - 7) or is it (30 x -7) yz which some operation sign between the quantity (30 x -7) and the expression yz. Answers would be totally different dependent upon which one it is. If you'd like...look at your problem...made the adjustments and that will help in showing you how to answer these kinds of problems. Looking out for your reply. : )

Should that be + 5a at the end? or are you missing some +s and -s between the 14 and 3 and between the xyz and 5?


Step 1:  Use the distributive property on (30x -7)yz

Step 2:  Combine like terms (eg. all constants, all ___xyz's)