Trenda M.

asked • 11/03/14

The Rydberg Equation and Ionization Energy

I'm not sure where to begin. I really need some help on this one.  I have the Rydberg equation here but I have no idea how to use the answer from the equation and use it to find the second ionization energy.
If the Rydberg constant for He+ is 0.04389 nm-1, what is the second ionization energy of helium in kJ mol-1

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Trenda M.

I'm not sure what you mean by use the equations together. Should I rearrange E=hc/λ so I can plug it into the Rydberg one? Is that possible? And do I just use the hc constant?


Francisco P.

Find 1/λ from the second equation then multiply it by hc to get the energy.  hc is the same from the photoelectron problem.  I hope that clear up things.


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