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Chemistry question about solutions (acid and basic)

What ultimately occurs in the ionization process of a weak acid or base? It eventually reverses completely to reform the un-ionized acid or base molecules It eventually goes 100% to completion. It... more


Calculating pOH value

What is the pOH value of a 0.01 M 2-methylpropanoicacid solution?  (Ka= 1.6 .10–5)


Ionization reaction

If 0.1 mole of HCl is added to a 1 liter of solution of 0.1M CH3COO–, how many mole of H+ions will be there in the solution? (ignore volume change after mixing)


Ionization energy related doubt

can I know values for all the elements in Ionization enthalpy ?


Ionization energy doubt

What is negative and positive ionization enthalpy?

Photoelectron Spectroscopy

I'm really stuck on this one.  I do not know where to begin and I am struggling with chemistry so if you could get me on track or help me figure out how solve this problem I would be very... more
Ionization Equation Energy Rydberg


The Rydberg Equation and Ionization Energy

I'm not sure where to begin. I really need some help on this one.  I have the Rydberg equation here but I have no idea how to use the answer from the equation and use it to find the second... more

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