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4 2/5 + 2 1/2 as a mixed number.

In December, the amount of snowfall was 4 2/5 feet. In January, the amount of snowfall was 2 1/2 feet. What was the amount of snowfall in the two months combined? 

Write your answer as a mixed number in simplest form. 

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Betty P. | Compassionate and Attentive TutorCompassionate and Attentive Tutor

1) First thing is to find the LEAST COMMON DENOMINATOR:

The LCD of 5 and 2 is 10

2)Write both fractions as equivalent fractions with a denominator of 10

1 4/10 + 2 5/10

2) Add integers and numerator; Keep denominator the same

So the final answer is : 3 9/10

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